Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Federal Reserve Meets Next Week. Is a Squeeze Coming in Silver Prices?

Silver made a violent move last summer when it broke a six-year resistance level. Prices have consolidated since but now the bulls may be...

Bulls May Be Coming Back to Energy as Global Economy Reopens

Energy stocks jumped yesterday as inventories tightened and traders looked for demand to increase. The SPDR Energy ETF (XLE) rose 2.8 percent, its biggest one-day...
Bitcoin Dominance Soars as Tesla Shifts Attention Away from Altcoins

Crypto Futures Are in Contango, Creating Potential Opportunities for Savvy Traders

Cryptocurrencies may be new financial assets. But that's not keeping some savvy traders from using one of the oldest strategies in the book: "cash...

Chinese Stocks Are Crashing. Here’s Why It Could Be Good Luck for U.S. Investors

Most investors know that big Nasdaq stocks have struggled lately. They may be less aware of the carnage in Chinese markets. The iShares China Large-Cap...

Reuters: Hedge Funds Expect Crude Oil Rally

Are hedge funds bullish on crude-oil again? Reuters thinks so, according to a report yesterday. An article titled "Hedge funds bet on oil's 'big comeback'...

Ethereum Futures Launch Next Week as No. 2 Cryptocurrency Goes Increasingly Mainstream

Ethereum hit record highs yesterday as crypto investors prepare for futures contracts and other products. ETHUSD, the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, passed $1,500...

Market Pulse: Energy Hasn’t Done This Since the Pandemic

Energy is the top performing sector this year by a wide margin. The SPDR Energy ETF (XLE) has advanced 13 percent so far in...
Fed Meeting Preview: Rates Staying Low, Weak Dollar May Continue

‘Lower for Longer’ Is the New Mantra at the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve meets today, with markets expecting its low-rate policy to continue. Last month, Chairman Jerome Powell gave a major speech at the central...

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Trading the Weak Dollar

A perfect storm of forces is lining up against the U.S. dollar. Here are some key things for investors to know. First, even if you...

All of a Sudden, Investors Are Waking Up to Global Stocks

The U.S. dollar is under pressure, spurring interest in a whole new universe of stocks and commodities. The iShares China Large Cap ETF (FXI) flew...
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