Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Know Your Options: Diagonal Spread Targets Apple Volatility Crush

One of the most predictable things in the market is time decay after a big event like earnings. Have you ever used a diagonal spread to capitalize on the change? Today we'll see how...

In Search of Millennial Melt-ups: Glu Mobile

Do you play MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 on your mobile device? How about Design Home? Both are published by this week's “millennial melt-up” stocks: Glu Mobile (GLUU). Remember this is a series that started on...

In search of millennial melt-ups: Sprint

Last week we reviewed a couple of "millennial melt-up" stocks. We're continuing today with a name many younger adults likely know well: Sprint (S). Remember, the goal is to find stocks trading for less than...

Get ready for a summer snooze: Larry Williams Cycle indicator

Get ready for a sleepy July and a turbulent August. That's the verdict from a heavily used program in TradeStation's app store. The Larry Williams Cycle Forecast Indicator sees the Dow Jones Industrial Average inching...

Pulling back or petering out?

Is this a pullback to buy, or is the market petering out? That's the question traders may be asking today. The S&P 500 fell 0.9 percent between Friday, June 15, and Friday, June 22 --...

In search of millennial melt-ups: Fitbit

Earlier this week we highlighted GoPro (GPRO) as a "millennial melt-up" stock. Today's name is Fitbit (FIT). Before discussing FIT, here's what we're looking for: Stocks under $10 that younger investors can afford. Companies that...

In search of millennial melt-ups: GoPro

A reader recently asked for stocks that might interest younger investors. Instead of responding in private, we wanted to share the results with the entire TradeStation community. Here are the two criteria given to us: The...

Last week was calm as confidence grew

Despite a lot of news, last week was the quietest of the year. The S&P 500 moved less than 30 points between its low and high, the narrowest range since Christmas. The index still managed...

How long can this range hold?

Stocks just finished their best month since January. Now the question is, how long can they stay trapped in this range?

IPOs come roaring to life

April is shaping up to the best month for initial public offerings in years. Data from ClickIPO shows over $10 billion of new equity entered the market in April. That's the most since September 2014....
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