Thursday, July 7, 2022

Toast and Freshworks: Two New Disruptors Pull Back After Scorching IPOs

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have been going strong as a series of disruptive technology firms hit the market. Two prominent names have pulled back...

Will the Fed Taper? It May All Come Down to Jobs

The Federal Reserve could take a key step toward a pre-Covid reality at their meeting today. However, implementing the change will probably depend on...
Harpoon Going Public as Market Waits for Uber IPO

Cybersecurity, Business Apps, Medical Software: Recent IPOs Are Pulling Back With the Market

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have been active lately as new technology companies come to market. Several names are pulling back along with the S&P...

The Economy Suddenly Shows Improvement Despite Delta Variant and Bottlenecks

After a string of bad data, the U.S. economy is suddenly looking better. The U.S. Commerce Department reported today that retail sales increased by 0.7...

IPOs, iPhones and Fed Tapering: Stocks Enter the Home Stretch for 2021

The U.S. economy took a hit last month, but investors may find new opportunities as they come back from the summer. A wave of initial...

Make Sense of Stock Market Fundamentals Using the TradeStation Platform: Free Educational Video

0 Market sentiment has changed several times in the past year as investors rotate between technology stocks that benefit from social distancing, beaten-down reopening stocks,...

No More Inflation? Lumber, Oil and Copper Prices Fall as the Fed Gets Hawkish

Inflation was a major story this spring as lumber and used cars spiked in value. Now the trend seems to be fading as the...

Peak Earnings?, Facebook Make Tech Investors Worry It’s Downhill From Here

Major technology stocks like got a huge boost from last year's pandemic. Now investors are starting to worry their best growth is in...

Earnings Season Begins on a Strong Note, Thanks to Snap and Chipotle

Earnings season is off to a bullish start as companies like Snap, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Coca-Cola blitz past estimates. That variety of companies --...

Jerome Powell Stays Dovish: What It Means for Your Money

The Federal Reserve emphasized its commitment to low interest rates yesterday, a move with potentially big implications for investors. "There is still a long way...
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