Sunday, January 23, 2022
Here's How Much Zoom Video Has Risen Since its IPO

How Much Is Zoom Video Up Since its IPO?

Zoom Video Communications just rallied to new record highs after the coronavirus pandemic fueled one of the most dramatic growth stories ever....

Don’s Notebook June 22, 2018

Don’s Notebook June 22, 2018 The Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI)  Composite Flash Index provides an early estimate of current private sector output by combining information...

Last Earnings Season Was a Tough Act to Follow

Last earnings season was a tough act to follow, but Corporate America is about to give it a try. Per-share profits climbed about 25 percent...

Midterms and Markets: How Tomorrow’s Election Matters

How might the midterm elections ripple through financial markets? There are three possible outcomes in tomorrow's midterm elections: Republicans retain control of both houses...

Retail Revival Underway: Earnings This Week

Remember when everyone thought traditional retailers were going extinct? This week's earnings reports may have destroyed that narrative. "This is the healthiest environment I have...

Here come the central banks

Now that the North Korean summit is finished, attention turns to major central bank meetings on both sides of the Atlantic. Both are expected...
Airbnb, DoorDash Driving Historic Surge in IPO Exchange Traded Fund

Market Pulse: Airbnb, DoorDash Driving Historic Surge in IPO ETF

IPO frenzy is driving record activity in an exchange-traded fund dedicated to new companies. Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO)...
Presidential Election, Economic News Drives Stock Market Uncertainty

Uncertainty Runs High in the Stock Market as a Huge Week Begins

There's huge uncertainty in the stock market as investors enter one of the biggest weeks in recent history. The...

Why Tomorrow’s Non-Farm Payrolls May Be an Anticlimax

Monthly non-farm payrolls are usually a big deal for the market, but that may not be the case tomorrow.
E-Sports IPO Coming to Market Next Week

Esports IPO Coming to Market Next Week

Esports are the latest thing in tech, and the first company dedicated to the field is going public next week. Super League Gaming (SLGG) plans to...
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