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Market Action Summary: 8/6/18

Click here to register for the webinar. S&P 500 overview: Fills January gap, holds key 2800 level August 2 outside day was key session for...

Don’t Forget about Iranian Sanctions Early Monday

President Trump's trade spat with China has gained a lot of attention this week, but don't forget U.S. sanctions on Iran take effect on...

Don’s Notebook August 3, 2018

Key Notes: Strong payroll growth combined with unexpected pressure in wages (average hourly earnings) could raise expectations for higher interest rates to come. This...

Don’s Notebook August 1, 2018

The big question today is, because of the strength of the economy and the question of the Fed's independence, will there be any a...

Don’s Notebook July 31, 2018

Unexpected pressure in Tuesday's key inflation readings -- the core Personal Consumption Expenditure price index and the Employment Cost index – may have pressured...

Market Action summary: 7/30/18

Click here to register for the webinar. S&P 500 overview: Hits resistance at January downgap Failed breakout → Risk of bearish phase. SPX bearish harami...

Don’s Notebook July 30, 2018

An exceptionally busy week begins with more earnings, global interest rate meetings and political news with economic repercussions. The only economic report of the...

Don’s Notebook July 27, 2018

Report Notes: GDP may have been soft in Q1, but today’s report shows a big second quarter. Consumer spending drove GDP higher in the...

Don’s Notebook July 26, 2018

Government Report Notables: Key pieces for tomorrow's GDP report will be released today: capital goods shipments in the durable goods report, cross-border goods trade as...

Don’s Notebook July 25, 2018

Don’s Notebook July 25, 2018 Today’s direction indicators are largely impartial. Housing data have been mostly flat to weak. New home sales, however, have been the...
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