Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Vix under Siege as S&P 500 Fills January Gap

The S&P 500 hit its highest level since late-January as the index fills a "bearish gap." Remember, gaps are patterns on candle-stick charts that show a security jumping up or down from one price zone...

Is Oil Headed for Another Breakout?

Crude oil is pushing its highest level in almost three years as the market prepares for a big news on Iran. Is another breakout coming? TradeStation shows Nymex crude oil futures (@CL) up almost 2 percent...

Some Stocks Are Already Hitting New Highs

Major indexes remain well below last year's peaks despite their recent bounce. But some stocks are now trying to break out to new highs -- unfazed by the volatility of late. The screenshot below from TradeStation's...

Number crunching support and resistance with Insider Bars

Every day, traders have to make big decisions about support and resistance. Should I deploy capital based on this high and low, or another? Which levels have real meaning, and which should be ignored? Today...

A look behind Monday’s wild ride

"Lows are never made on Friday." That old trader's rule of thumb seems truer than ever now. The basic idea is that when a week ends on a bearish note, some investors will capitulate over...

In Search of New Leaders in Tech

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. Man, TradeStation is seriously cool. Earlier this week I created a special indicator to find sectors of the market holding...

Traders, Key an Eye on Small Caps

It's a busy week for earnings and economic news. But, don't forget about one the year's strongest areas in the market. We're talking about small-cap stocks, tracked by the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM). Its...

Volatility and the Dog Days of Summer

Earlier today, we highlighted the spreading risk of global debt and currency problems. But what does it mean for the chart most of us really care about, the S&P 500? Here are some thoughts. First, the...
Crude oil at four-month high as S&P 500 breaks 2800 resistance

S&P 500 Isn’t the Only Chart Hitting New Highs for 2019

Stock indexes, along with crude oil, just closed at their highest levels of the year. Is it the top, or the start of another rally as fear leaves the market?
Amazon, Tesla and Netflix Lead 4th of July Breakouts in Technology Sector

Tesla, Netflix and These Other Tech Stocks Broke Out Yesterday

Tesla, Netflix and Amazon.com are leading a breakout in the technology sector as investors prepare for the Fourth of July weekend. The e-commerce giant, electric-car maker and streaming-video provider...
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