Inspired by the waves of the ocean, our symbol and logo are the cornerstone of the TradeStation visual identity. It plays an essential role in every brand execution. It is the DNA from which all our graphic elements are drawn.

Our logo is the most important and recognizable element of the TradeStation brand. It is essential to maintain its integrity and never alter it from its original state. The primary usage of the logo is in one color or knocked out of the TradeStation gradient.

TradeStation Brand Mark Usage

The main symbol should be used in conjunction with the brand mark. It can only be used as a standalone element under exceptional applications. Contact the TradeStation marketing department for approval and more information at

A TradeStation Mini Brand Guide has been provided to detail the proper use of the brand mark, symbol, color, and typography along with applicable restrictions. In addition, brand mark files are available in various formats for authorized marketing communications.

TradeStation Crypto Brand Mark Usage

A distinct application of the TradeStation brand has been developed for our crypto trading products. TradeStation purple replaces the dark blue in the standard gradient. In addition, unique background patterns provide a novel feeling and depth to marketing communications.

The proper use of the brand components is outlined in the TradeStation Crypto Mini Brand Guide. A link has been provided on this page along with a link to the corresponding brand mark files for authorized TradeStation Crypto marketing communications.

Important Information

All TradeStation brand marks are protected by applicable trademark, copyright, and intellectual property laws. When referencing the name of our software application, use TradeStation® or TradeStation® Crypto. Never use TradeStation® or TradeStation® Crypto in the name of your company, website address, application, or product.

By using the TradeStation marks, you agree to follow the guidelines above. TradeStation reserves the right to cancel, modify or change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.