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TradeStation Crypto uses BitGo custodial services and applications. BitGo is a SOC2 certified custodian that institutions trust for security, compliance, and custodial solutions since 2013.

We leverage multi-signature wallet structures using BitGo’s warm and cold storage solutions. We also apply our own operational controls, risk management, and cyber-security practices to manage assets between both warm and cold storage.

BitGo maintains a $250 million* insurance policy issued by a Lloyd’s of London syndicate covering digital assets across all its customers’ wallets where the private keys are held 100 percent by BitGo. This policy covers only assets that we hold in cold storage wallets with BitGo Trust Company. TradeStation Crypto has supplemented BitGo’s coverage with $20 million* of additional dedicated coverage through the BitGo program that is only applicable to TradeStation Crypto assets.

We believe custody is best left to firms like BitGo, whose sole responsibility is to provide a wallet solution for crypto assets. BitGo’s multi-signature wallets leverage:

Dual-system controls

Address whitelisting

Spending limits

Multiple wallets

Three-key management

Security for your peace of mind

As a TradeStation Group company, TradeStation Crypto leverages the group’s established governance and practices for data privacy, cybersecurity, and operational experience. The safety and security of our customers’ accounts and identities are of the utmost importance.