Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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‘Lower for Longer’ Is the New Mantra at the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve meets today, with markets expecting its low-rate policy to continue. Last month, Chairman Jerome Powell gave...

Undercounting: A Potentially Bearish Twist to the Coronavirus Outbreak

A new and potentially bearish twist is emerging in the coronavirus outbreak: the risk of health officials undercounting cases.

These Are the Three Big Questions After Stocks Fell Last Week

Stocks sank into the red last week as investors balked at chasing highs -- especially with coronavirus still spreading in China.

Gold Miners Soar as Federal Reserve Puts the ‘Bull’ Back in...

Monetary policy is changing, and it's fueling a monster rally in gold-mining stocks. The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF...

Gold Miner ETF Shines With Market Dreading a Slowdown

The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) is rallying as investors worry about growth and interest rates fall. GDX...

Futures Expert Sees Breakout Potential For Gold At Key Level

Gold may be able to extend its rally if it breaks through a key level now being tested. That was the verdict...

Metals on the Move as Dollar Takes a Hit

Metals came back from the long weekend with a bang as money poured into gold and copper. Globex's gold futures (@GC) traded almost 333,000 contracts...

Guess What Chart Just Had a ‘Golden Cross’

A potentially bullish signal has appeared in gold as the market anticipates dovish policy from the Federal Reserve. The 50-day moving average on gold futures...

Don’t Ignore This Currency as Fear Sweeps Market

The Japanese yen is gaining steam as fear sweeps the market. The currency has long been viewed as a safe haven because of Japan's huge...

Even in a Good Market, Some Stocks Are Falling off a...

Even when the market's near record highs, some names are breaking lower. This post will highlight a few of those areas where sentiment remains...
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