Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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5 Big Milestones Last Week as Stocks Flew to New Highs

Stocks rose again last week as investors focused on technology companies and looked for the economy to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix’s Covid Surge Fades and Banks Struggle: Earnings This Week

Earnings season has begun on a weak note as banks struggle and Netflix said its blistering growth will slow.

Big Banks Announce Strong Results as Earnings Season Begins

Earnings season is off to another strong start, thanks to big banks and financials. JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Bank of...

Airline ETF Takes Off as Investors Embrace Rising Fares

Investors are jumping on board airlines, one of the few industries with pricing power in a low-inflation environment. The...

Are There Winners from the Selloff in Oil?

Oil just had its biggest drop in at least four years, and winners may be emerging. Airlines are one of the best-performing groups recently, according...

What Just Happened to Airlines?

Delta Air Lines (DAL) got a mention on yesterday's Market Action segment, and today it's hitting turbulence. Sure, management announced that it carried a record 15.2...

Options Recap: Are Airlines Ready to Fly?

Are airlines ready to take off? Some options traders seem to think so. The ARCA Airline Index ($XAL) rose 2.2 percent Monday, its biggest gain...

Looking for Winners and Losers of Inflation

Inflation reports from the government today and tomorrow will be closely watched as economists and investors try to forecast the direction of interest rates. Producer...

A perfect Storm for Transports?

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. Three weeks ago we highlighted airlines and railroads. Further...

Stocks Going Places, Part 2: Airlines

Buffett's poking around airlines as the group challenges levels last seen before the 2001 terrorist attacks.
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