Monday, July 22, 2024

Options Alert: Can DoorDash Keep Delivering for the Bulls?

DoorDash jumped earlier in the week, and one big options trader seems to think the move will continue. Check out this large transaction in the...

Options Alert: Call Buyers Take the Wheel At Apple On Report of Self-Driving Electric...

Apple could launch a self-driving electric car in 2025, and options traders are loving it. Nearly 3.2 million calls traded in the iPhone maker yesterday,...

Options Alert: Bulls Target Roku as Original Content Draws Comparisons with Netflix

Options activity is heating up in Roku as the streaming-video upstart launches original content. Call volume has steadily increased since ROKU signed Kevin Hart for...
GameStop Has Overtaken Tesla on Google Finance

Videogame Bulls Fight for Key Level: Options Recap

Videogame stocks are still hurting from last year's selloff in tech. But now options traders are defending a key level in major stock. We're talking...

Buying and Selling Options

Most clients understand buying and selling stocks. Options are similar, and can be traded in the same brokerage accounts. However, you should know some...

Greek of the Week: Theta

Editor’s note: This post, part of a four-part series about options Greeks, was originally published on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. So far, we’ve looked at delta and gamma....

Master Options at Our Power Session This Month

Are you getting everything you should out of the stock market? If you don't trade options, the answer is probably "no." Everyone has excuses: "Options...

How to Trade Apple During its Biggest Developer Event Ever

America's most valuable company is making its next great leap forward. Are you keeping up? Apple (AAPL) just unveiled a new operating system (iOS 14)...

Bears Won’t Say Good-Bye to Energy Space: Options Recap

Someone's bracing for more bad news in one of the market's weakest sectors. Energy stocks, on average, have lost twice as much value as the...

Options Are Moving in This Forgotten Space

Biotechnology's quietly coming to life, and options traders are flocking to one of the biggest names in the space. Want to learn more about options?...
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