Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Facebook Crashes as Energy Soars: This Chart Shows the Massive Rotation Happening in the...

Stocks have barely moved this week. You almost wouldn't guess how much drama is swirling beneath the surface. Major...

Is it time to think about housing?

This article is not a recommendation and is intended for educational purposes only. Housing stocks have been neglected this year, but that may change soon. First,...
QQQ Lags After FANG Earnings. Here's Where Money Is Shifting Now

QQQ Is Lagging After FANG Earnings. Here’s Where Money Is Shifting Now

In December, Market Insights noted how money was shifting away from large, well-known companies to smaller and less-known companies.

S&P 500 Erases February Selloff

Stocks may have just broken a key level from early in the year, shortly before they suffered a gut-wrenching drop. Here's what it felt like...

Traders, keep an eye on oil

Oil is in the news today with crude futures at a potentially key level. The main item came this morning from the U.S. State Department,...

Potential Triangle Forming on the S&P 500

Most traders I know hate triangles. But one seems to be forming right now on the S&P 500. The index is trying to hold 2643,...

Chip chart may be showing trouble

After two years of monster upside, are semiconductors running out of gas? Chip stocks have not only fallen on bearish news recently. They're also showing...

Once again, stocks hit resistance

For the second week in a row, stocks advanced but stalled at a key level. This time it was the 50-day moving average, a seemingly...

Here’s How TradeStation Can Automatically Keep Up with the Market

This post is based on a strategy available to students of TradeStation's Master Class course, hosted by our educational affiliate YouCanTrade.
Guess What Chart Just Had a 'Golden Cross'

Guess What Chart Just Had a ‘Golden Cross’

A potentially bullish signal has appeared in gold as the market anticipates dovish policy from the Federal Reserve. The 50-day moving average on gold futures...
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