Sunday, September 26, 2021
Crude oil at four-month high as S&P 500 breaks 2800 resistance

S&P 500 Isn’t the Only Chart Hitting New Highs for 2019

Stock indexes, along with crude oil, just closed at their highest levels of the year. Is it the top, or the start...

Market Pulse: Homebuilder ETF: Oh Breakout, Where Art Thou?

Homebuilders were one of the strongest industries early in the pandemic as city dwellers headed to the suburbs. While the social trend...
Stocks Crashed Yesterday. How Serious Is It?

Stocks Fell Yesterday. How Serious Is It?

Stocks just had their sharpest drop in a couple of months. What should we make of it? The first...
Charting the Market Educational Series

Moving Averages: Key Indicator for Technical Analysis of the Stock Market

Averaging is one of the most basic things we all do with math. It smooths out big sets of numbers and helps...

A look behind yesterday’s wild session

This article is not a recommendation and is intended for educational purposes only. Yesterday was a roller coaster for the market, but it could suggest...

Traders, Keep an Eye on Chip Stocks

Semiconductors have been a weak spot in technology for most of the year. But now the group may be trying to break out. The Market...

This Global Energy Stock May Be Flashing a Bullish Signal

A momentum growth stock could be flashing a bullish signal. Cheniere Energy (LNG) is the biggest player in the rapidly expanding natural-gas export business. It's...
Oil Leading Commodity Selloff as Tariff Worries Hit Sentiment

A Key Trend Line May Be at Risk

Just how much damage has been done to the charts so far this month? The answer may be "quite a lot." As readers of Market...

From Bear to Bull in a Few Months: Charting Tesla’s Stunning U-Turn

Never argue with price action. Look no further than Tesla for an example of why traders love technical analysis.

Traders, Key an Eye on Small Caps

It's a busy week for earnings and economic news. But, don't forget about one the year's strongest areas in the market. We're talking about small-cap...
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