Thursday, June 13, 2024

Takeaways From Tuesday’s Remarkable Session

A bunch of interesting things happened yesterday -- all of them potentially bullish. First, the S&P 500 closed at its highest level since February 1....

S&P 500 Isn’t the Only Chart Hitting New Highs for 2019

Stock indexes, along with crude oil, just closed at their highest levels of the year. Is it the top, or the start of another...

Here’s How TradeStation Can Automatically Keep Up with the Market

This post is based on a strategy available to students of TradeStation's Master Class course, hosted by our educational affiliate YouCanTrade. Most traders want to...

Ever Heard of Market Breadth? It May Have Pointed to Today’s Violent Selloff

Stocks just had one of their worst sessions of 2021. While it may have surprised some investors, there were potential warning signals for traders...
Naysayers Hapless as Worst-Case Scenarios Prove Elusive

The Mood in Growth Stocks Seems to Brighten

After months of negativity, sentiment may be brightening in technology stocks and the Nasdaq-100. As covered on Market Insights, these "growth" oriented parts of the...

FANG Stocks Are Lagging, But Smaller Companies Are Breaking Out

The highest profile technology stocks have been lagging, but a new set of smaller companies appears to be breaking out. The Russell 2000 small-cap ETF...

A look behind Monday’s wild ride

"Lows are never made on Friday." That old trader's rule of thumb seems truer than ever now. The basic idea is that when a week...

A look behind yesterday’s wild session

This article is not a recommendation and is intended for educational purposes only. Yesterday was a roller coaster for the market, but it could suggest...
Charting the Market Educational Series

Relative Strength: Follow the Leader

There are thousands of stocks in the market, and dozens -- if not hundreds -- of industries. You can study them everyday in search...

Once again, stocks hit resistance

For the second week in a row, stocks advanced but stalled at a key level. This time it was the 50-day moving average, a seemingly...
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