You Can Target Alerts on RadarScreen

Darts hitting mark
Darts hitting mark

Want to keep an eye on all your favorite symbols while you’re on the go? Wouldn’t it be great to get alerts when trading opportunities pop?

Look no further than TradeStation’s one-of-a-kind RadarScreen® market monitoring tool. It gives you an extra set of eyes when the market is moving. RadarScreen continuously monitors and ranks up to 1,000 symbols in real time, based on more than 180 technical and fundamental indicators as well as your own custom criteria.

Red alerts pop to the top of RadarScreen.
Red alerts pop to the top of RadarScreen.

This video shows how easy RadarScreen makes it to set alerts on hundreds of symbols all at once and dynamically sort them to find trading opportunities. For example, you can get alerts when the biggest percent gainers change in the NASDAQ 100 index. Or find out which symbols are trading more than usual with a volume average alert.

If you’re generating trade ideas based on technical indicators, there’s nothing like RadarScreen. Watch to learn how to set active technical alerts on the popular Stochastic Slow indicator, which can indicate if the market is overbought or oversold.

Alerts like these can help you decide which stocks, futures or options to buy or sell. By default, alerts signal with a beep and a pop-up window on your desktop. But if you’re on the move, you can set email or text alerts. Just stay logged in to the platform with your RadarScreen window open for the alerts to trigger.

Don’t be left in the cold when the markets heat up. TradeStation can bring even more of the market action to you through price alerts on your charts or from your mobile app. And you can let TradeStation send the headlines to you with news alerts.

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Ready to customize your own RadarScreen alerts? If you already have a TradeStation account, you can log in to the platform and launch RadarScreen from the Apps tab at the top of your desktop. If you’re not yet a client, you can conveniently apply for a TradeStation account online.

With RadarScreen, trading opportunities have nowhere to hide. And with alerts in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to take aim when the next target pops on your radar.

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