Let News Alerts Work for You


Want to capitalize on the latest news as it’s happening? Don’t have time to surf the Web for your next trading opportunity?

With TradeStation news alerts, you can say goodbye to endless Web searches and being glued to the tube to catch breaking news.

Once you set an alert from your desktop or laptop, you can go about your day – and let TradeStation send the headlines to you. The platform can even send text and email alerts to your smartphone or smartwatch.

This two-minute video shows how to set an alert when the popular SPY symbol makes headlines. It’s easy to receive real-time news alerts on a trending symbol, symbol list or keyword.

Receiving a news alert on keywords.
Receiving a news alert on keywords.

Why set news alerts? Because news drives market action, which is constantly changing – and traders need timely information to make trading decisions. You may need to know when an earnings report, IPO or analyst upgrade hits. This can help you pull the trigger on entering or exiting a stock, futures or options position.

How would you like to receive your alert? There are lots of possibilities… Pick your own unique combination of sounds or phrases, on-screen pop-ups and email or text messages.

By default, alerts will grab your attention with a beep and a pop-up window on your desktop. But when you’re on the go, you can set text or email alerts that make your phone vibrate, ring or nudge you with a notification in the background – all depending on your device settings. Simply stay logged in to the platform with your News window open for the alerts to trigger.

Remember, you can also set price alerts on the mobile app and chart studies. In a future post, we’ll explore the alerts on TradeStation’s ever-useful RadarScreen® app.

Keep in mind that desktop alerts can only be set on your desktop or laptop, and mobile alerts can only be set on mobile devices. Also, alerts don’t appear interchangeably across mobile and desktop versions.

Now kiss those wasted hours on Web searches and television news goodbye! Stop trying to chase down market news. It’s time to let TradeStation bring the headlines to you.

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