Mobile Market Alerts for Trading on the Go


Are you itching to hit the golf course, lay out on the beach or join your friends for lunch – but worried you’ll miss that next big market move? With TradeStation alerts, you can leave the fear of missing out behind!

Today we’ll talk about setting alerts in the mobile app. Mobile alerts push notifications to your smartphone and even your smartwatch. In upcoming articles, we’ll cover setting alerts in the desktop platform.

TradeStation mobile alerts give you a shout-out when trading opportunities come knocking, virtually anytime, anywhere. They can tell you that the time may be ripe to make a move on that symbol you’ve been watching, whether it’s a stock, futures contract or option.

To get started with mobile alerts, download the TradeStation app on your iOS or Android device from the App Store or Google Play. Then, go to the Alerts tab to create an alert.

Selecting the Alerts tab on an iOS device to create a mobile alert.

Let’s use Microsoft (MSFT) as an example. Enter the symbol, the type of alert, operator and value. For example, if you enter MSFT, Last, ≥, 110, you’ll get alerted when Microsoft’s last price is greater than or equal to $110. It’s that simple!

Customizing settings for a mobile alert.

Get ready for your phone to vibrate, ring or for a notification to gently nudge you in the background (depending on your device settings). Don’t forget to stay logged in to the mobile app for the alerts to trigger.

How about TradeStation’s desktop platform? We’ll have a few articles soon on getting alerts from your charts, news and RadarScreen®.

Keep in mind that mobile alerts can only be set on mobile devices, and desktop alerts can only be set on your desktop or laptop. Also, alerts won’t appear interchangeably across mobile and desktop versions.

Now go ride the waves on that perfect beach day! There’s no need to worry you’ll miss that trading opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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