Chart Alerts Offer Endless Possibilities


You’re a mover and a shaker. There’s no time to stare at the screen all day, waiting for a stock to pop.

With TradeStation alerts, you won’t be left out in the cold when price movement gets hot!

Today we’ll set chart alerts in the desktop platform. They can send a text message or email to your smartphone and even your smartwatch. In a previous article, we covered setting alerts in the mobile app.

You can link desktop alerts to any of TradeStation’s extensive collection of built in-studies, chart drawing objects and trendlines. You can even make your own alerts with customized EasyLanguage studies.

Why set an alert on a chart study? An alert can signal when a price level has been crossed, giving you a heads-up that it may be time for you to enter or exit a stock, futures, or option position.

This two-minute Setting Alerts on Chart Studies video shows how to quickly set an alert on a study like the Moving Average 1 Line indicator, one of many available to you in the platform. Traders use it to spot up-trends and down-trends.

Enabling an alert on a study on a chart.

How would you like to receive your alert? There are lots of possibilities! Pick your own unique combination of sounds or phrases, on-screen pop-ups and email or text messages.

Customizing settings for an alert.

By default, alerts will grab your attention with a beep and a pop-up window on your desktop. But when you’re on the go, you can set text or email alerts that will make your phone vibrate, ring or gently nudge you with a notification in the background (depending on your device settings). Remember to stay logged in to the platform with your chart window open for the alerts to trigger.

Want to knock out even more trading opportunities? TradeStation alerts can pack even more punch if you set notifications on the News window and RadarScreen®. We’ll have more articles soon on getting alerts from these tools.

Keep in mind that desktop alerts can only be set on your desktop or laptop, and mobile alerts can only be set on mobile devices. Also, alerts don’t appear interchangeably across mobile and desktop versions.

Now get moving and shaking! Let your chart trading alerts bring the market action back to you, wherever the day takes you.

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