Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Stocks Are Back to This Major Level. Here’s What to Watch...

Stocks are back to key levels as the market looks for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression to fade.

Airline ETF Takes Off as Investors Embrace Rising Fares

Investors are jumping on board airlines, one of the few industries with pricing power in a low-inflation environment. The...

Slowdown? Economic Data Doesn’t Show It

Pundits keep warning about an economic slowdown, but the data continues to prove them wrong. Only 199,000 Americans sought unemployment benefits last week. It was...

Stocks Going Places, Part 2: Airlines

Buffett's poking around airlines as the group challenges levels last seen before the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Bulls Shrug Off Government Shutdown

Who cares about a government shutdown? It's earnings season! That seems to have been the market's message last week as major stock indexes continued their...

Trust the Trend but Verify: Price Headly

Buy at support, sell at resistance, but always back-test. That was the message from our pro trader this morning. Price Headly, founder of BigTrends.com, runs...

How Tax Cuts Have Hit the Mark, One Month In

President Trump's "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" was signed into law one month ago today. So far response has been strongly positive as executives raise...
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