Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Stocks Have Their Worst Week Since Election as General Motors Out-Dazzles Tesla

Suddenly, People Are Worried About a Slowdown

The U.S. economy has been resilient, but recent events have raised worries about a slowdown. Let's review some of the new forces at work. The...
Dollar Hammered as Fed's Bostic Turns Dovish

Dollar Slides with Doves Ruling the Roost at the Fed

Hawks at the Federal Reserve keep morphing into doves, hammering the greenback. Several comments from the central bank yesterday expressed a cautious view of interest...

Put Volume Swells in Junk Bond Fund

Options traders seem to be bracing for downside in junk bonds as negativity sweeps financial markets. The iShares High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (HYG) is...

Suddenly Vultures Circle in the Credit Market

The Federal Reserve has everyone talking about hawks and doves this week. But another kind of bird may be swooping in: vultures. Recent headlines suggest...

Is the Fed Dovish, or Just Plain Chicken?

Is the Federal Reserve in the midst of its quickest pivot ever? It seems to be. Only two months ago, central bankers were united in their...

Fed Signals Potentially ‘Dovish’ Turn

After years of steady rate hikes, the Federal Reserve may be signaling a change of course. The U.S. central bank's top two policymakers made potentially "dovish"...

Oil, Airlines and Housing: Charts to Watch

Stocks have bounced sharply this week, but oil continues to slide. Crude oil futures (@CL) closed at their lowest level in more than four months...

Swarming the Markets with Hivemind’s Suite of Algorithms

Many clients want to trade swings in the market. They know how to do it and understand, but are too busy to time entries and...

As Expected, Volatility Hits Global Markets

Just two days ago, Market Insights said that "traders hankering for volatility may want to keep an eye on currencies and crude oil." Both...

So Much for Inflation Running Wild This Summer

This week brought a trio of reports on inflation. None of them seemed to flash any warning signs about prices spiraling out of control. ...
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