Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Is the Fed Dovish, or Just Plain Chicken?

Is the Federal Reserve in the midst of its quickest pivot ever? It seems to be. Only two months ago, central bankers were united in their...

Goldilocks Silences Jerome Powell

Fairy tales keep coming true in the U.S. economy. Most people know the classic story of Goldilocks describing the porridge of the Three Bears: Not...

As Expected, Volatility Hits Global Markets

Just two days ago, Market Insights said that "traders hankering for volatility may want to keep an eye on currencies and crude oil." Both...

Swarming the Markets with Hivemind’s Suite of Algorithms

Many clients want to trade swings in the market. They know how to do it and understand, but are too busy to time entries and...

Why Interest Rates and Treasury Bonds Could Be the Next Big Things to Watch

Interest rates crashed to record lows because of coronavirus. But will they stay there? The U.S. Treasury Department is preparing to flood the market...
Coronavirus Vaccine News Hurts Technology Stocks, Lifts Financials, Oil

Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is Shaking Up the Stock Market. Here Are Key 4 Changes

Stocks jumped to new highs this week thanks to Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, but it's also causing major changes in the market. After all, investors have...

Power-charting the Selloff in Bonds

There's a growing consensus interest rates may be headed higher, which means bond prices may be headed lower. The idea went mainstream a month ago...

Don’s Notebook May 23, 2018

New homes have been one of the strongest areas of the economy, however today's April New Homes Sales Report is expected to show a...

Get Ready for the Dog Days of Summer

The S&P 500 inched higher last week as tech and transports bounced. Still it was the tightest range of the year.

Stocks Teeter Again as Investors Nervously Eye Rising Bond Yields

Stocks tumbled again last week as investors brace for a potentially major increase in bond yields. The S&P 500 slid 0.3 percent between Friday, January...
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