Saturday, November 27, 2021

Stocks Keep Rising. Are Investors Shifting Back Toward Value Plays Like Financials?

The S&P 500 rose to a new record high last week, and investors could be positioning for another shift toward value stocks.

Peak Earnings?, Facebook Make Tech Investors Worry It’s Downhill From Here

Major technology stocks like got a huge boost from last year's pandemic. Now investors are starting to worry their best growth...

Stocks Are Climbing an Epic Wall of Worry as Earnings Blow Past Estimates

An old adage states that "bull markets climb a wall of worry." It's especially true now. The S&P 500...

Earnings Season Begins on a Strong Note, Thanks to Snap and Chipotle

Earnings season is off to a bullish start as companies like Snap, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Coca-Cola blitz past estimates.

Stocks Roar Back From Pullback, Fueled by Economic Surge and Consumer Rebound

Stocks rebounded hard last week as investors kept their faith in the economy reopening and strong consumer demand. The...

Growth Stocks Regain the Lead as Investors Embrace a Dovish Fed

Most of 2021 has focused on value stocks as the economy reopening from coronavirus, but last week investors returned to growth.

Money Shifts to Emerging Markets With Stocks Back Near Record Highs

Stocks inched higher again last week as investors focused on companies that will benefit from the global pandemic easing.

Bitcoin, Covid Comeback, Value Investing: Read Market Insights’ Biggest Stories So Far This Year

The world is trying to return to normal in 2021 after last year's coronavirus pandemic. However trading activity remains anything but normal...

The Nasdaq Bounced Last Week as Reopening Stocks Faded

Nasdaq stocks bounced last week as investors shifted away from reopening plays like energy. The Nasdaq-100 rose 0.1 percent...

3 Things to Watch This Week as Stocks Keep Rising With Approval from the...

Stocks and commodities are inflating along with the economy as the dollar crashes and the Federal Reserve cheers the rally.
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