Are You Ready for the New TradeStation?


Get pumped to jump-start your trading with the next generation of TradeStation!

TradeStation offers advanced trading technology and online electronic brokerage services. Our desktop trading and analysis platform lets you design your own equities, options and futures trading strategies. With our mobile and web trading, you can access core features of the platform from your iOS or Android device, synchronized to your online account in real time.

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Traders have been raving about our latest software platform for your desktop or laptop. Whether you just want to place a quick trade or need all the bells and whistles for advanced analysis, our applications are designed to give you an edge.

Powered by the latest technology and graphics engines, our charts bring the market action to you. Watch your trades in high-resolution colors. Focus on your craft and trade with ease using simpler toolbars, streamlined menus and customizable bars. You’ll see the market in a whole new light with software that’s suitable for framing.

Fully customizable charting with a modern look.

Start your mornings in style with the TradeStation Today dashboard, which displays everything you need to get your trading day going: featured videos, fresh trading insights from social media and upcoming events. Our platform gurus have even shared recommended work spaces that you can use to find trading ideas like the experts.

Weighing your options? Fire up the new OptionStation Pro interface. It’s chock-full of features to boost options trading and analysis. Now you can view the break-even point on your option chains at a glance and do more advanced analysis before entering a position.

You can also build spreads and analyze simulated positions from the same tab. Check the handy checkbox at the top of the OptionStation Pro window and you’ll see what the impact would be if you were to add a new position to your beta-weighted portfolio.

Red and green bands highlight the break-even point on your option chains.

Whether you trade stocks, options or futures, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always up to date. The new TradeStation automatically updates to the latest software available so you don’t have to.

Ready to get up and running with our most intuitive platform yet? New clients can apply for a TradeStation account, and existing clients can install the new software with only a few clicks.

Catch a glimpse of the new platform in action in the Introducing the New TradeStation video, and then follow the demo on How to Install and Upgrade. For more information, check out the New Platform Resource Center.

By the way, we weren’t kidding. TradeStation really does have bells and whistles! You can hear the session bell to signal the beginning and end of the trading day, and receive trading alerts using different types of bells, phrases or even a whistle.

You’ll love making the new TradeStation platform your own. Don’t miss the chance to take your trading to the next level!

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