Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Market Jitters Are Lifting Gold Miners

Gold miners are the only winners in this market as mounting worries drive investors to the ultimate safety play. The Dow Jones US Gold Miner...

Suddenly Industrial Stocks Are Ripping

While everyone has worried about tariffs and trade, a wave of positive news has emerged in the industrial sector. Last night's strong earnings report from...

Another Strong Day in Housing

Last week we highlighted a rare green shoot in housing. Today it might have sprouted a little higher. Homebuilders, believe it or not, are the...
Federal Reserve Expected to Keep Rates Low as Economy Roars Back

The Fed Meets This Week as Business Roars Back from the Coronavirus Pandemic

The economy is roaring back to life, just in time for the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low. No major change in policy is...
Bull in ring

Bulls Regain Footing Above Key Level

Stocks rebounded last week as the bulls regained their footing at a key level. The S&P 500 rose 1.2 percent between Friday, September 7, and...

Midterms and Markets: How Tomorrow’s Election Matters

How might the midterm elections ripple through financial markets? There are three possible outcomes in tomorrow's midterm elections: Republicans retain control of both houses...
Interest Rates Are Crashing: Here's What You Need to Know

Interest Rates Are Crashing. Here’s What You Need to Know

Interest rates are nosediving around the world. Here's what you need to know as this becomes an increasingly mainstream story. First, the main reason is...

Rail Traffic Continues to Spike

Railroads closed at a new high as freight traffic climbs to its strongest level in years.

Check Out This Stunning Divergence in Tech

Software versus semiconductors. It's a major split running down the middle of the technology sector. The chart below compares the performance between the iShares North...

Last Week’s Economic Data Wasn’t That Bad Despite Big Job Losses

Last week featured a pair of bad job reports, but there were other positives. ADP's private-sector payrolls report on Wednesday and the Labor Department's non-farms...
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