Monday, May 27, 2024

Make Custom Indicators, Modify Strategies: Learn the Basics of TradeStation’s EasyLanguage

EasyLanguage® lets investors build custom indicators and trading strategies in a straightforward and intuitive manner. This video introduces basic concepts and constructs of the...
Charting the Market Educational Series

Key Volatility Tools to Know in This Uncertain Market

Coronavirus has triggered unprecedented moves in the stock market. It's a good time to review tools for navigating the turbulence. The key thing to remember...
Using TradeStation Crypto Educational Video

TradeStation Crypto – Working with Crypto Coins Video

They may not jingle in your pocket, but crypto coins are making lots of noise around the world and traders and investors are listening....

Earnings Season Has Begun. Here’s How to Make the Most of It

Earnings season began yesterday and will grow increasingly busy through early November. Here's what to expect. First, it's useful to know the general sequence of...

Candlesticks, Pullbacks and Advanced Alerting: This Video Explains Technical Analysis in the Stock Market

0 Candlesticks are one of the most popular charting tools in the stock market. This video helps traders understand patterns like kickers, dojis and hammers....
Charting the Market Educational Series

Parabolic SAR and Moving Averages Can Help Traders Follow Trends

Trend following is a common strategy for traders in the stock market, but spotting opportunities can be difficult. Today we'll consider a combination of...
Double-Dose of Good News for Economy as 2019 Begins

TradeStation’s Charts Just Got Even Better

TradeStation's awesome charting just got better. The platform already lets you run dozens of studies, automate strategies and place orders directly from the price bars....

Mastering Volatility: Key Lessons for Options Traders

0 Whether you're new to trading options or an old pro, this video's for you. Movements in the stock market cause volatility, which impacts option...

Suddenly energy is flying

Energy's gone from forgotten to en fuego quicker than you can say "missiles over Damascus." Crude oil (@CL) hit $67.45 this morning, its highest level in...

Market Action Summary: 2/11/19

S&P 500 Overview: Signs of Fatigue as Catalysts Dwindle Momentum slowing. Last week had narrowest point range since late September. Highs before open w/failed...
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