TradeStation Crypto Is Now Available on TradingView

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies

TradeStation Securities customers have been able to trade stocks and futures on the popular charting site TradingView for the last year. Now cryptocurrencies join the list through TradeStation Crypto.

Starting today, TradeStation Crypto clients can buy and sell virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum without leaving TradingView’s charts. The new functionality uses the existing web API to access TradeStation Crypto accounts.

Here’s an overview of the service.

First, TradeStation clients need to have an account with TradeStation Crypto.

Second, you’ll need a free login to TradingView. It already has about 20 million users.

Once you’re logged in to a TradingView chart, you can click on the “Trading Panel” tab at the bottom of the window. Select TradeStation from the list.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD), hourly chart, on TradingView showing Order Panel with TradeStation account linked via Trading Panel.

The prompts will check your user name and password. Account information will populate once the credentials are confirmed. The Trading Panel’s name will also switch to “TradeStation.”

Trading Cryptos

Want to place a trade? Click on the Order Panel icon on the right of the TradingView chart.

Users can select between market, limit and stop orders with the buttons near the top. Further down they can input size and price.

Once orders are sent, they will appear on the price chart. Traders can also track them using the Orders sub-tab in the TradeStation trading panel below the chart.

Some other aspects of the integration include:

  • Viewing existing account positions in the Trading Panel, even if they weren’t opened on TradingView.
  • Earning interest on cryptocurrency balances.
Bitcoin (BTCUSD), hourly chart, on TradingView with open limit order displayed.
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