What’re the Big Stories This Year? Here’s the Best of Market Insights

What're the Big Stories This Year? Here's the Best of Market Insights

2019 is already a year for the record books, with the biggest quarterly rally in almost a decade and the best job market in nearly 50 years. Investors have shaken off huge volatility while navigating unprecedented political uncertainty.

Market Insights always strives to keep you ahead of the curve, leveraging the best analytics to find trends before other news outlets. Today we’re taking a step back to review some of our most noteworthy posts so far in 2019.

March 26: A Pattern With a Strong Track Record Is About to Appear

The S&P 500 is due for a “Golden Cross.” Back testing suggests this pattern is usually followed by increases in the market’s value. Is momentum turning more bullish?

March 18: Market Keeps Levitating amid Nirvana Conditions

Volatility’s disappearing. The consumer is strong. Doomsters keep getting proven wrong about political and economic risk. Oil’s rising but inflation’s still low. The Federal Reserve is dovish. It’s like Goldilocks doing yoga.

March 4: Haves and Have Nots in the Health Care Sector

Weakness in big pharmacy stocks may have surprised most big investors. But readers of this post had an inkling about the negative forces at work in companies like Walgreen Boots (WBA) and CVS Health (CVS).

February 27: Good News Sneaks Out for Energy Sector

The fourth quarter’s crude-oil glut shrinks after Saudi Arabia took barrels off the market. Riyadh moves closer to the Kremlin, rebuffing Tweets from President Trump.

February 25: Mr. Powell and the Punch Bowl

Jerome Powell orchestrates one of the quickest pivots in the history of central banking. How did he go from hiking rates to hording balance-sheet assets in just four months? So much for “taking away the punch bowl just when the party’s getting started.”

February 22: Cryptos Head for Positive Month as News Flow Brightens

After more than a year of weakness, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are attempting a comeback. This time some big institutions could be on their side.

February 4: Good News Still Coming for the U.S. Economy

Jobs, jobs and more jobs. A dovish Fed. Factories humming along. Low-income workers gaining faster than the rich. Market Insights reviews the positives.

January 18: Safe Havens Abandoned as Risk Appetite Returns

In a sharp reversal from late 2018, safe-havens like utilities and consumer staples are falling. Meanwhile, “risk-on” parts of the market like energy and consumer-discretionary stocks have climbed the rankings. A sign of brighter sentiment?

January 11: Uber, Lyft Expected to Lead Mega-IPO Stream in 2019

Initial public offerings (IPOs) just had their busiest year since 2014, opening the door to some massive deals in coming months. Ride-sharing giant Uber and smaller rival Lyft are expected to lead the charge.

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