Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Stocks Keep Climbing to Records amid Trade Optimism and Dealmaking

Stocks continue their advance into new record territory as trade worries and recession fears keep easing. The S&P 500...

Disney, Microsoft Led the Dow Higher in the Second Quarter

Today's the last day of the second quarter. A pair of blue-chip disruptors led the market higher during the period.

What’re the Big Stories This Year? Here’s the Best of Market...

2019 is already a year for the record books, with the biggest quarterly rally in almost a decade and the best job...

Stocks Keep Climbing as Key Chart Level Holds

Stocks bounced at a key level last week as volatility keeps falling despite a lack of good news. The...

Retailers Rebound as Tech Traders Sell the News: Earnings This Week

The last week of earnings saw big rallies by old-fashioned retailers. Software companies also beat estimates, but failed to advance.

Haves and Have Nots in the Health Care Sector

Market Insights has covered the split between the new winners and losers in technology. Something similar seems to be underway in the...

Bad News Hammered Several Key Stocks Last Week

No, it wasn't a nightmare. There was a lot of bad news on a lot of companies last week. At least five of the 30...

Boring Pharma Gets Exciting in a Bearish Way

Suddenly, a boring pharma has plenty of excitement, but all the wrong kind. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) was one of the dullest stocks in the...

Health Care and Brazil Remain Strong

A lot of catalysts are vying for attention after last week's sharp drop, but two earlier trends seem to remain intact. First, health-care stocks enjoyed...

Guess who’s raiding the medicine chest

News reports have seen it coming for months, but now it's official: Amazon.com (AMZN) is attacking drug distributors. AMZN announced the purchase of closely held...
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