Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Podcast: Looking Beyond Tech for 2020

Software makers and semiconductors have come under pressure recently as investors question their multiples. But unlike a year ago, new sectors like...

What You Need to Know as Money Rotates Back to Value...

A potentially big change tried to continue in the market yesterday. Two weeks ago, a new kind of stocks...

Chinese Tech Stocks Are Crushing the Nasdaq

Forget about trade wars. The big story with China this year may be the runaway rally in the country's technology sector.

Your Favorite Sector’s Getting Reshuffled

Everyone loves tech. Did you know the sector's about to get reshuffled? Over the years, "technology" has become an increasingly ambiguous term. What do semiconductors...

Not All Tech is Rolling Over

Earlier today, Market Insights highlighted the general weakness in technology. But there's one huge exception to that statement: Apple (AAPL). Tim Cook's smart-phone behemoth made...

Strong Results Keep Flowing: Earnings This Week

As earnings season marches on, investors remain happy with results. Most of the big companies that have reported in the last week beat estimates, including...

Safe havens slammed as bulls charge: Midweek sector check

The S&P 500 is showing signs of a breakout as investors pile into higher-risk stocks. Meanwhile, safe havens are getting slammed. Here's a breakdown...

Winners and Losers as Rates Shoot Higher

First the five-year, then the 10-year. Now the yield on the 30-year bond is also hitting new highs. $TYX.X is the chart to watch on...

Don’t Laugh But This Group is Outrunning Tech

Coal miners have been surging as exports rise and key producers emerge from bankruptcy.
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