Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Oil: What a Difference a Month Can Make

In any normal year, the action that took place in oil markets this year would be the number one finance story hands...

Where the Bulls Want to Clean Up Today: Options Recap

A household consumer-products company has been running all year, and one big options trader wants to clean up. Check out the unusual activity in Colgate-Palmolive...

Is Oil Headed for Another Breakout?

Crude oil is pushing its highest level in almost three years as the market prepares for a big news on Iran. Is another breakout...

Window Linking: Ideal Tool in Volatile Markets

It's easy to lose track of things when the market swings wildly like it did last week. So, let's review a TradeStation feature that's...

Potential Breakout in Oil

Energy had rough start to the year, but bullish things may be happening in the futures market. WTI Crude Oil Contracts (@CL on TradeStation) appear...

Suddenly Latin America is Red Hot

Move over China, here comes Brazil. Global stocks have outperformed domestics since last spring, mostly led by Chinese equities. But in the last week or...
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