Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chart of the Day: Arista Networks Has Pulled Back

Arista Networks jumped to a record high last month, and now it’s pulled back. The first pattern on today’s chart is the high-volume jump on May 8 after earnings and revenue beat estimates. Notice how...

Apple to Push AI to Two Billion Users

The Apple Inc (AAPL) Developer Conference primarily focused on how AI (artificial intelligence) will be incorporated across the company's existing product line. AAPL is depending on developers picking up the AI functionality to create...

Is Tesla Overvalued? Check Out These Stunning Comparisons to GM and Ford

Tesla is one of the market's most active companies for stock and options traders. It could also look most expensive by various measures, but is it overvalued? This article will address the question by comparing Elon...

Tech, Housing, Inflation: Stock Market Trends To Watch in the New Year

The New Year begins with increased confidence that inflation and interest rates have peaked. What will that mean for the market? Here are some potential outcomes based on recent trends. New Growth Stocks May Go...

Bullish, Neutral, Even Bearish: 3 Ways Options Traders Can Use Covered Calls

Covered calls are one of the most common strategies for options traders. While many investors have heard of them, they may not realize that covered calls are highly versatile. This article will cover how the...

Software Stocks Lagging as Tech Breaks Out

The S&P 500 has made several new all-time highs since in mid-May but the Nasdaq - 100 ($NDX.X) has not made a new high since April 2024. Part of the reason for the $NDX.X...

Apple, Inflation, Fed: Events Next Week Could Dominate Trading in June

June is starting, with major catalysts over the next eight sessions. First is Apple (AAPL). The smart-phone giant has mostly been excluded from the AI boom, but that could change with analysts widely expecting CEO...

Why Do Stocks Move? Learn 7 Catalysts That Drive Price Action in the Market

The stock market includes thousands of companies in scores of industries and groupings. While they may go up and down for any reason any day, there are underlying patterns behind price movement. This article considers...

Bullish and Bearish: Key Points About Vertical Option Spreads

Vertical spreads are one of the most common strategies in the options market because they can generate leverage with limited risk. This article will consider key points about bullish and bearish spreads. Vertical spreads involve...

Confidence or Complacency? Fear Index Returns to Pre-Covid Levels

Stocks continued their winning streak last week as the market sees a potential return to normal following years of turmoil. The S&P 500 rose 1 percent in the Thanksgiving-shortened period between Friday, November 17, and...
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