New Year, New Ways to Manage Your Trading


2021 has begun! Here are some helpful ways to manage your trading and investing with TradeStation this new year. These quick-tip videos demonstrate using the TradeStation Client Center for viewing your accounts, transferring your funds, and updating your contact details.

First, watch this short video to see how to view your account activity and download your recent trades and transactions. You can even email your statements.

Quick Video: Finding TradeStation Statements and Account Activity

Then, once you’ve reviewed your trading, you can transfer in funds to trade or invest using TradeStation’s Transfer Funds tool. Check out this brief video for instructions on securely moving funds into or out of your accounts using your computer, phone, or Internet browser.

Quick Video: Transferring Funds Easily and Conveniently

You can conveniently link your brokerage account to external bank accounts, deposit and withdraw funds, make wire transfers, transfer accounts to TradeStation (including IRAs) and see your recent transfers.

Lastly, if this new year finds you in a new home or with other new contact details, it’s time to update your info with us. Here’s a one-minute video on how to change the phone number, email and addresses for your TradeStation accounts.

Quick Video: Changing Your Contact Info in TradeStation

After updating your account info, you’ll be all set for trading in the new year. Cheers to 2021 from the TradeStation team!

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