Market Insights’ Biggest Stories From a Dramatic First Half of 2020

Market Insights' Biggest Stories From a Dramatic First Half of 2020

The stock market just had one of its most dramatic runs ever. It flew to new highs, crashed to multiyear lows and then bounced sharply.

Coronavirus has redefined the economy and the market. The pandemic has catapulted some industries forward, and doomed others with potential extinction. It’s made investors rethink growth and safety, and forced central bankers to reinvent monetary policy.

Market Insights has striven to keep readers informed amid all the changes and volatility. Here are some key stories along the way.

Stocks Break Out, Have Best Week in 4 Months (1/21): The calm before the storm.

Covid Cases Mount, and Volatility Has a Record Spike (2/27): The storm begins.

Suddenly, Everyone’s Talking About a Rate Cut (3/2): Market Insights alerts readers to potential action by the Fed. Jerome Powell stepped in the next day.

19 Biggest Losers of Covid-19 (3/19): Energy stocks, cruise lines and retailers plummeted as the pandemic spread.

Three Potential Signs of a Turn, Even after a Bearish Week (4/6): The rebound starts.

Oil: What a Difference a Month Can Make (5/19): Black gold goes from negative numbers to leading the market as the crisis starts to lift.

E-Commerce and the Cloud Take Over the World (5/21): This earnings recap shows how coronavirus drove a major shift toward digital commerce and software.

Is a Breakout Coming? S&P 500 Takes Off Near a Key Level (5/26): The Memorial Day recovery begins.

FANG 2.0? A New Generation of Tech Stocks Is Breaking Out (6/2): Market Insights details up-and-comers that would help lift the Nasdaq to new highs.

Tesla Suddenly Has Competition in the Electric Car Space (6/4): The carbon-free vehicle trend kicks off.

10 Chinese Tech Stocks Break Out in a Single Day (6/17): Covid or no covid, investors like the digital story in Asia’s biggest economy.

S&P 500 Has its Best Quarter Since 1998: Stocks have their biggest rally since the Long-Term Capital Management crisis a generation ago.

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