TradeStation’s Charts Just Got Even Better

Double-Dose of Good News for Economy as 2019 Begins

TradeStation’s awesome charting just got better.

The platform already lets you run dozens of studies, automate strategies and place orders directly from the price bars. Now its latest update includes powerful dragging functionality let clients assess market conditions even faster than before.

You’ll notice two new features in our latest build. First, you can scale charts vertically to show more or fewer price levels by dragging the right axis. This can be useful when lots of price history on the left of chart shrinks down perspective on the more recent action.

TradeStation chart showing vertical dragging.

Second, hovering your mouse at the bottom of the window activates a menu controlling the horizontal axis. The left two buttons push candles closer together and further apart, left to right. The magnifying glasses activate or deactivate zooming.

Both of these functions existed in previous versions of TradeStation, but now they’ve moved down from a menu to be more accessible.

TradeStation chart showing new on-demand controls. Reset button is on the right.

Finally, you may want to restore your charts to their previous setting after using these controls to change the axes. So we’ve also added a simple “reset” button on the right of the new bottom axis.

This is the first of several new features TradeStation’s rolling out in the next month. Traders will also soon have the power to:

  • Preview exit orders before placing them. Currently possible for entry orders, the new functionality will be a dream come true for risk management.
  • Keyboard trading. This is for you power-traders, especially in the futures market.
  • Hotlists and RadarScreen are merging to help you discover and track stocks more easily than ever.

These features will be automatically installed for clients using the latest version of the platform. If you haven’t updated yet, log in to your Client Center for a free download.

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