Matrix Lets You Trade the Market at a Glance


TradeStation’s arsenal of trading and analysis tools gives you advantages once enjoyed only by professional traders.

One of our most popular features is the Matrix. It lets you see market activity at a glance and instantly place trades at the price level you want. A quick look can help you decide when to pull the trigger on a stock, futures or options trade.

Using the Matrix to enter orders on bid and ask price levels.
Using the Matrix to enter orders on bid and ask price levels.

The Matrix is the “Swiss Army knife” of trading tools, combining the benefits of a detailed market depth window, a highly advanced order-entry tool and a precise order-tracking system into a single view.

You can tap into the power of the Matrix from our desktop, mobile, and web trading platforms. This post features the Matrix in the desktop platform, available from your desktop or laptop.

The Matrix displays the session’s trading range, with lines marking the high and low prices. You can see the size of buy and sell orders at each price level, as well as the total volume traded at each price.

Best of all, you can point and click on a bid or an ask price to quickly place a trade. Traders love its lightning-fast order-execution and one-click trading capability – you can place multiple orders simultaneously with a single click.

Learn from TradeStation experts with quick-tip videos on how to create a Matrix and edit symbols, attach a stop loss to an entry using an OSO in the Matrix and trade with trailing stops in the Matrix.

Take a peek at the Matrix and see where the market is headed today. If you already have a TradeStation account, it’s easy to log in to the platform and launch the Matrix from the Apps tab at the top of your desktop. If you’re not yet a client, apply for a TradeStation account to get in on the market action.

Want to view the Matrix on the go? TradeStation lets you take it with you. Look for future posts on trading from the Matrix with TradeStation’s mobile and web trading apps.

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