Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Bearish on Tech Stocks like Apple and Check Out These...

Major technology stocks like Apple and are reeling this month. Here are some options strategies to know if you’re getting bearish.

These Were the Top Stocks on TradeStation in August

Tesla dominated activity on TradeStation's platform last month, and no other stock even came close. The electric-car maker held...

Swift Rotation into Big Cap Tech, as Russell Support Nears

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the theme in the overall market has been drastic outperformance in large-cap technology stocks such...

Two Very Different Automakers Were Popular At TradeStation Last Month

Two very different automakers were among the most popular stocks at TradeStation in April. Tesla (TSLA), the 16-year old...

ETF Round-Up: Leaders and Laggards

Stocks are falling early Wednesday following relief rallies from the major indexes. Small-cap stocks have lagged so far this week as large-cap...

Diagnosing the Coronavirus Selloff: Just How Bad Is It?

Stocks continued their selloff on Tuesday as coronavirus spreads around the world. Here are some facts on what it means for your...

Stocks Fell Yesterday. How Serious Is It?

Stocks just had their sharpest drop in a couple of months. What should we make of it? The first...

Streaming Wars Dominate Activity: September at TradeStation

The streaming wars came to TradeStation last month, with two of the biggest stocks in the industry dominating activity on our platform.

What You Need to Know as Money Rotates Back to Value...

A potentially big change tried to continue in the market yesterday. Two weeks ago, a new kind of stocks...

Apple Slips From Top Spot as Volatility Spikes: August at TradeStation

Volatility spiked in August, shifting attention away from individual stocks and toward the indexes. SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)...
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