Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Netflix, P&G Teeter as Competition Grows: Earnings This Week

The last week of earnings showed increased competition hurting big companies like Netflix. The streaming-video giant added just 550,000...

Stocks Remain Trapped as Market Waits for More Information

Stocks failed to break out last week as investors keep worrying about major global events like trade and Brexit.

Big Banks and Netflix Surprise to the Upside: Earnings This Week

Earnings season started on a strong foot as major banks reported surprising growth in their core businesses. JPMorgan Chase...

Stocks Break Three Week Losing Streak as Trade War Moves Toward...

Stocks just broke a three-week losing streak as President Trump and China made progress to end a trade war between the world's...

Massive Options Trade Looks for Bounce in Ailing Sector

Health-care stocks have been lagging all year, but yesterday an options trader looked for quick a bounce. Check...

Safe Haven No More? Health Care’s Not Feeling So Great

Everyone's focused on tariffs and the global economy. But another potential risk may be emerging: worsening price action in the health-care sector.

Stocks Hold Gains as Backdrop Continues to Improve

Stocks held their ground last week amid a stream of positive news. The S&P 500 slipped 0.2 percent in the holiday-shortened span between Friday, January...

Chips Rip and Transports Move North: Earnings This Week

Earnings remained strong in the last week, led by economically sensitive industries like semiconductors, transports and financials. Chip stock Xilinx (XLNX) is the S&P 500's...

Sellers Keep Market on Pace for Terrible Quarter

Bears continued to hammer stocks last week, keeping the market on pace for its worst quarter since early this decade. The S&P 500 attempted a...

Bad News Hammered Several Key Stocks Last Week

No, it wasn't a nightmare. There was a lot of bad news on a lot of companies last week. At least five of the 30...
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