Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Airbnb, DoorDash Driving Historic Surge in IPO Exchange Traded Fund

Market Pulse: Airbnb, DoorDash Driving Historic Surge in IPO ETF

IPO frenzy is driving record activity in an exchange-traded fund dedicated to new companies. Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO)...

Market Pulse: Golden Cross with Energy ETF at Historic Levels

The SPDR Energy ETF had a historic selloff last year, but now it’s holding some key levels as an important chart pattern...

Media Giant May Be Attempting a Bull-Flag Breakout: Chart Study

Comcast has pulled back after making a new high last month, and now it could be turning upward again.

This Traditional Retailer Has Pulled Back Following a Sharp Rally: Technical Analysis

Macy's has screamed higher since November, and now may be offering the bulls another entry. The first major pattern...

Small Cap Index Is Holding a Potentially Key Level: Chart Study

The Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) had a strong move coming out of the vaccine news in November. It’s been consolidating for the...

Market Pulse: Equal Weighted Index Highlights Megacap Abandonment

One of the most interesting things about the rally since early November is the broad participation by smaller companies, and the near-total...

Market Pulse: Ethereum Is Holding Levels From 3 Years Ago

Ethereum's recent price action might look like normal consolidation. But it's actually holding some important levels from almost three years ago.

Market Pulse: Is United Airlines Taxiing for Takeoff?

United Airlines has gone almost nowhere for two months. But now the chart may be lining up for a rally as earnings...

Gold Miner ETF May Be Hitting a Bearish Trend Line

Gold miners are one of the worst-performing corners of the market this year. They've bounced recently, creating a potential opportunity for the...

No One Seems to Be Selling Ethereum, According to This Chart

Ethereum had a mini-crash over the weekend along with other cryptos, but there's been very little follow through to the downside.
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