Here’s How Much a $1,000 IPO Investment in Shopify Stock Is Worth Today


Shopify (SHOP), the all-in-one platform to start, run, and grow a business, has proven to be a force in the e-commerce industry.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify powers over 1 million businesses in more than 175 countries and is trusted by brands such as Allbirds, Gymshark, PepsiCo, Staples, and many more according to company reports.

Making the Dream of Entrepreneurship a Reality

Over the years, Shopify has stuck closely to its vision of breaking down the barriers to starting, running, and growing an online business through a full suite of turnkey services including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West use the platform to support their growing beauty empires. And although these mega influencers have large amounts of capital to spend, they aren’t the only ones cashing in on the platform.

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses have launched and grown on Shopify. That’s because the company provides solutions to help almost anyone own their own e-commerce store.

The Next Amazon?

The fast-growing e-commerce services provider has quadrupled in value between early 2019 and early 2020. This can be attributed to the high growth of the e-commerce space, but the company’s fast growth is also bolstered by a business model supported by two main revenue streams, a subscription service, and merchant solutions.

The monthly subscriptions to use their platform range from $30 to $299, depending on the level of access to features needed. The company also generates associated subscription solutions revenues from the sale of custom themes and apps and the registration of domain names.

Wondering How Much a $1,000 IPO Investment in Shopify Stocks is Worth Today?

Shopify went public on May 20, 2015, when the stock began trading on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. 

At the time of filing, it was revealed that the company had more than 162,000 merchant customers in 150 countries. It now powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide according to company reports.

A $1,000 investment when Shopify was at $17 would have netted you 58 shares. As of May 4, 2020, with Shopify closing at $658.89, you would be looking at a 3,722 percent return, according to TradeStation calculations.

Start date: 5/20/2015
End date: 5/04/2020
Start price/share: $17.00
End price/share: $658.89
Total return: 3722%
Starting investment: $1,000
Ending investment: $38,215.62
Years: 4.93

Shopify Stock Chart

Shopify stocks
Shopify (SHOP), monthly chart, 2015 – present.

Shopify Stocks: Buy or Sell?

While the stock has seen tremendous growth moving from $17 at IPO to as high as $665.74 in 2020, it’s important to note that any individual stock can over or underperform, and past returns do not predict future results. 

But, if you’re ready to trade Shopify stocks and you understand the risks involved, here’s what you can do:

Research. Do your research to familiarize yourself with the company. Look at fundamental and technical indicators to determine if it’s potentially a good investment.

Open a brokerage account at TradeStation. Our online brokerage accounts offer tools and analytics to help you trade Shopify stocks. You can also use the platform to research other stocks.

Place a trade. Once you’ve opened a brokerage account, search for the ticker symbols, you’re interested in trading. Then plan your strategy, determine risk guidelines, and execute your plan.

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