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What's New in TradeStation 9.1

New TradeStation 9.1

Speed and power unleashed

Serious traders understand the need for speed and power.

New TradeStation 9.1 delivers on both counts, with innovative new features and enhancements that make it our fastest, most powerful trading platform ever.

In addition to introducing the all-new OptionStation Pro – a fully integrated, completely redesigned options trading platform with advanced charting, analysis and order-entry features ­– TradeStation 9.1 offers a supercharged platform that can benefit traders at every level.

All-New Options Trading Platform

OptionStation Pro is the all-new trading platform designed from top to bottom with the options trader’s needs in mind. Features include interactive 2-D and 3-D position graphs, advanced order-entry technology for trading spread strategies, configurable options chain and spread types, real-time price, Greeks and volatility calculations, and the ability to build, evaluate and track virtually any options trading position.

Best of all, new OptionStation Pro is seamlessly integrated with TradeStation’s award-winning trading platform. Read more

Multi-Core Chart Analysis

TradeStation’s new multi-core chart analysis is designed to take full advantage of your PC’s processing power. Distributing power across multiple CPU cores allows your computer to handle even the most complex real-time chart analysis tasks faster than ever, while ensuring greater stability during times of extreme market volatility or data spikes. Read more

“Fast Cache” Data Retrieval

Waiting for your computer to open custom workspaces or RadarScreen® windows containing hundreds or even thousands of symbols can be frustrating and time consuming. TradeStation 9.1’s new fast cache data retrieval offers superior processing performance, enabling you to open workspaces and retrieve cached chart and RadarScreen® data in a fraction of the time previously required. Read more

Portfolio-Level Back-Testing

For those of you who trade multiple symbols and strategies simultaneously, TradeStation 9.1 also includes support for forthcoming release of Portfolio Maestro, our new world-class portfolio-level back-testing tool. This highly sophisticated tool provides portfolio-level performance reporting, risk assessment and optimization for virtually any combination of symbols and strategies. Read more