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Take your trading to the next level with professional-grade charting that puts advanced analysis capabilities at your fingertips.

Serious traders choose TradeStation for its award-winning charting tools, depth of features and flexibility that helps traders adapt their analysis to ever-changing markets.

  • Traditional to exotic chart types – From candlesticks to Renko bars, TradeStation has perfected over 10 different chart types so you can view the market from nearly every conceivable angle.
  • Indicators, indicators and more indicators – More than 150 indicators come standard with the TradeStation platform. You can also create or download custom indicators for nearly unlimited analysis capabilities.
  • Multiple-time-frame analysis – Combining multiple symbols and/or intervals on the same chart allows you to isolate market conditions that may directly affect your trading.
  • Comprehensive historical market data – You can chart, analyze and back-test historical market data, with up to 90+ years of daily data, up to 27+ years of intraday data and six months of tick data.
  • Visualize market moves, potential breakouts and chart patterns in real time – Indicators, ShowMe™ studies, PaintBar™ studies, Activity Bars and Probability Maps enable you to analyze the market in ways that make the most sense to you.
  • Ease of use for simplified chart analysis – Extensive chart linking, annotating capabilities, transparency and data-forward design are just a few of the features that simplify chart analysis in TradeStation.
  • Visually stunning and highly customizable charts – Virtually every graphical and other element of our charts can be customized, allowing you to personalize your charts to perfection and maximize your perspective on the markets.


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Historical Market Data

Daily Intraday Tick
*TradeStation provides increased amounts of daily history for certain major indices such as Dow 30 (90+ years) and S&P 500 (51+ years).
U.S. Stocks & ETFs 43+ Years 20+ Years 6 Months
U.S. Stock Options,
Index Options &
Futures Options
Entire Contract Life
U.S. Futures 61+ Years 27+ Years
U.S. Indices 40+ Years* 27+ Years
German Stocks 11+ Years 11+ Years
Eurex Stocks 12+ Years 12+ Years
German Indices 12+ Years 12+ Years
Forex 40+ Years 8+ Years

Analysis Techniques

ShowMe Chart

ShowMe™ – Exclusive to TradeStation, this analysis technique is used to automatically identify specific market conditions and mark each bar of the chart that meets the desired criteria. ShowMe studies eliminate the task of manually scrolling through a chart looking for patterns and significant events. By using a ShowMe study, you can quickly analyze your chart for patterns and see whether they did, in fact, precede market moves important to your trading objectives.

Analysis Techniques

PaintMe Chart

PaintBar™ – Exclusive to TradeStation, this analysis technique is similar to a ShowMe study in that it scans the chart to identify the bars that meet specific criteria. However, rather than placing a mark on the bar that meets the criteria, a PaintBar study paints the bar (the entire bar or a portion thereof) a different color. While ShowMe studies are best used to search for and mark bars based on criteria that occur sporadically, PaintBar studies are best used to search for and mark bars based on criteria that occur for several bars in a row or that identify a market mode.