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Choose the pricing plan that best fits your trading style


$4.99 / trade + $0.20 / contract (200 or more trades/month)
$5.99 / trade + $0.30 / contract (100 - 199 trades/month)
$6.99 / trade + $0.40 / contract (30 - 99 trades/month)
$7.99 / trade + $0.50 / per contract (10 - 29 trades/month)
$9.99 / trade + $0.70 / contract (1 - 9 trades/month)
  • Only one base ticket charge for multi-leg orders
  • Index options - incur an additional fee of $0.35 / contract
  • Direct routing orders - incur an additional fee of $0.50 / contract
  • No charge for cancel orders



/ contract2


No base / ticket charge

Minimum 1 contract

Market or Limit

Important Note: Stocks and options can be traded in an equities trading account with TradeStation. The commission plan you choose (per-trade vs. per-contract) applies to both the stock and options trading done in that account.

Other Rates & Fees
Pricing Disclosures

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Pricing Disclosure

A monthly Account Service Fee may apply based on trading volume or account balance. There is a regulatory transaction fee of 0.002180% of the total dollar amount of securities sold. TradeStation may pass through certain charges, including financial transaction taxes, on the purchase of foreign-related securities, like American Depositary Receipts, that remain long in your account at the close of trading on the day of purchase. Prices, fees, costs and terms are subject to change.

  1. Per-trade options commissions, which under certain circumstances may be lower and more advantageous to larger-contract-per-order traders, are primarily designed for use by individual traders who value execution quality and speed, and desire the highest level of flexibility with their execution costs. As such, the intelligent-routing algorithm may favor less expensive execution destinations including market makers. Per-trade and per-share commissions shown are based on intelligent order routing. For new accounts, the per-trade commission rate for the first calendar month will be $4.99 per trade plus $0.20 per contract for all options trades. In subsequent calendar months, the per-trade commission rate will be based on the equities and options trading activity in your account from the prior month. For example, if the total number of equities and options trades in all your TradeStation per-trade accounts under the same customer ID is 20 in July, then all equities and options trades placed in your commission accounts in August will be $7.99 per trade for equities and $7.99 plus $0.50 per contract for options. For spread orders, only one flat fee plus the per-contract fee will be charged.

  2. Per-contract accounts will be permitted the first 10 cancels per day free of charge. Excluding the first 10 free cancels, if the total number of cancels is more than the total number of contracts executed per day, per account, there is a $1.00 options cancellation charge per each cancel that is over and above the number of contracts executed. A cancel is defined as any user-initiated cancel/replace and/or cancel. There is an Options Regulatory Fee of $0.0407 per contract ($0.05 minimum) applicable to all options transactions.

    Cancel order examples (on a per day basis):

    • 0 contracts filled = first 10 cancels (or cancel/replace) free, then $1 per cancel or cancel/replace
    • 1 contract filled = first 11 cancels (or cancel/replace) free, then $1 per cancel or cancel/replace
    • 10 contracts filled = first 20 cancels (or cancel/replace) free, then $1 per cancel or cancel/replace
    • 100 contracts filled = first 110 cancels (or cancel/replace) free, then $1 per cancel or cancel/replace