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Why TradeStation

TradeStation gives currency traders what they need to succeed: competitive pricing options, advanced charting and analysis capabilities, alert scanning and lightning-fast trade execution. And TradeStation lets you back-test, optimize and automate your trading strategies – so you can test your ideas before risking your money.

Scalable Forex Pricing - with Tight Spreads

Select from flexible, highly competitive pricing plans designed to meet any individual or business trading need.*

Quick Trade Bar

Buy and sell any pair instantly with a single mouse click.

Forex News Analysis

Hone in on breaking currency news with real-time news filtering.

Fully Customizable Forex Charting

Get hundreds of built-in indicators – or create your own tools.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Access expert forex support and free platform training and set-up help.

Sophisticated Strategy Back-Testing

Back-test and optimize strategies with 40+ years of currency data.

Free Forex Education

Learn how the pros trade forex – from basic training to advanced techniques.

Track More Than 60 Pairs in One Window

Use custom real-time scanning to find opportunities others just can't see.

Benefits of Trading Forex

Trading forex trading offers these unique advantages compared to other financial instruments:

  • Trade a Global Marketplace
    Forex is the world’s most widely traded financial product – available 24 hours a day, five days a week – with more than 60 currency pairs to trade.

  • Enjoy 24-Hour Market Action
    Forex is a 24-hour marketplace on weekdays – open continuously from 5 p.m. ET Sunday to 5 p.m. ET on Friday – that allows you to trade full or part time as your schedule permits.

  • Get Unsurpassed Liquidity
    As the world’s largest market, cash forex offers excellent liquidity at all trading hours – which means you can trade large amounts of currency with little overall market impact.

  • Trade with Greater Leverage
    Cash forex allows you to leverage up to 50 times your account value on all major forex pairs, and up to 20 times on minor pairs. International accounts have access to up to 100:1 leverage. For example, with 50:1 leverage, you can control 100,000 units of the euro quoted at $1.3000, using only $2,600.*

  • Take Advantage of Breaking News
    The forex market also offer unique opportunities to use exchange rates to take advantage of breaking international events, economic news and interest rate differentials.

  • Trade Flexible Contract Sizes
    With flexible lot sizes you can test trading strategies while limiting your financial exposure, or just dial in in the desired risk level that’s right for you.

* It is critically important to remember that greater leverage works both ways – it can help build large profits quickly, but can also produce equally large losses just as quickly.

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