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What’s New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 27

What's New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 27

In TradeStation 9.5 Update 27, we’ve addressed some important issues identified in previous updates.

Ticket # Description
TS-7315 Improved performance of CAL.log on startup
TS-8868 Improved OrdersProvider filtering
TS-11234 Enabled connection with trade server following disconnect
TS-11637 Updated display of commissions for OCO/OSO orders
TS-11663 Enhanced printing of analysis techniques with long lines
TS-12932 Improved functionality of custom sessions on daily charts
TS-13744 Added prompts when switching from earlier versions to newer platforms
TS-15611 Enabled background dragging with chart drawing tools
TS-16533 Added "TradingSymbol” to tsdata.marketdata.QuoteFields enumeration
TS-16627 Enabled order-entry macro to populate limit field when customizing
TS-16703 Removed duplicate lines in the Chart Log with detailed automation logging
TS-16907 Upgraded OptionStation Pro 2D Graph price slices to accept decimals
TS-17431 Improved performance of Warehouse Server for functions
TS-17663 Updated DataStream.TimeZone to report local or exchange timezones
TS-17838 Improved performance of MarketDepthProvider
TS-17951 Improved performance of Warehouse Server when restoring from a legacy version
TS-17965 Updated Matrix to enable dragging bracket legs for open orders
TS-17972 Enhanced strategy automation logs
TS-18075 Improved performance of Other Active Document app
TS-18132 Improved performance when using an entry name without parentheses
TS-18184 Updated CAL to enable requests for Times & Sales data for the last 24 hours
TS-18390 Improved functionality of data tip when naming plots "Date" and "Time"
TS-18543 Improved performance of Scanner when an indicator is used
TS-18551 Added functionality to specify date in standard format in Scanner
TS-18571 Improved performance of Scanner with indicators
TS-18583 Upgraded Time & Sales to enable historical requests with a start date and no end date