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What’s New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 25

What's New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 25

In TradeStation 9.5 Update 25, we’ve addressed some important issues identified in previous updates.

Ticket # Description
TS-11657 "Alert once per bar (interval)" can now be enabled
TS-13516 Resolved strategies attempting to cancel prior to acknowledgment from exchange
TS-14034 Resolved issue regarding time outs in RadarScreen®
TS-15294 Resolved issues rounding to nearest lot for dollar value quantities
TS-15299 Resolved issue causing time outs in Portfolio Maestro
TS-15917 Improved stability of TradeManager Analysis when requesting data from previous dates
TS-16901 Resolved issue that caused options orders using dollar amounts to be placed incorrectly
TS-17112 Improved OptionStation Pro so that it retains an activation rule after replacing an order
TS-17198 Fixed scenario where Macro could send order incorrectly
TS-17276 Made improvements in performance related to Windows 10
TS-17361 Resolved issue causing a staged order to become frozen
TS-17567 Updated UI for Cancel/Replace order from right-click in TradeManager
TS-17652 Resolved issue causing timeframe toolbar to stop working with a WinForm open
TS-17660 Strategy order using ".d" symbol will not send between sessions
TS-17734 Improved platform stability running a strategy with non-read-only function and lookup operator