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What’s New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 20

What's New In TradeStation 9.5 Update 20

Ticket # Description
TS-14236 Prevented an OCO error when placing exit brackets with 3L/1S.
TS-14462 Prevented an issue in the new Windows 10 update where dialog windows were not displayed properly.
TS-14849 Made changes to prevent font not magnifying correctly in certain window dialogs when using a 4K monitor.
TS-14967 Prevented an issue in OptionStation Pro with the right click menu displaying the wrong buy/sell vertical.
TS-14968 Made changes to correctly update the Normal and Min button values when updating Options Spread legs.
TS-14969 Corrected Min move not updating after deleting a leg of a spread from the OptionStation Pro Order Bar.
TS-15224 Prevented an issue with limit price reset in OptionStation Pro when adjusting quantity.