VSTOPS ProTrader Strategy Package

Join award-winning developer Lee Leibfarth of PowerZone Trading on August 30 as he showcases the VSTOPS ProTrader Strategy Package. This innovative trading tool makes it possible to build, test and trade your own day or swing trading system and harness the power of automated trading – with no programming experience required.

The strategy’s logic is based on the popular VSTOPS indicator package, which uses a fast filter to determine market volatility so you can enter trends early and manage trades to take and protect profits as trends continue. VSTOPS ProTrader can be customized to fit your trading style, risk tolerance and profit goals. It allows you to define exactly what type of trades to take (scalp, day or swing), what time of day you want to trade and dollar amounts for risk and profit goals. You can make use of back-testing and optimization techniques to quickly determine if your ideas may have been profitable in the past and to maximize the potential of your strategy in the future.

In this presentation, you will learn:
• The five steps of automated strategy development
• How proper money management can help improve probability
• How you can build, test and trade your own robust short-term trading system using the VSTOPS.