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Learning TradeStation

Learning TradeStation is an online educational program designed to get you up and trading with TradeStation. The program consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson is designed to familiarize you with specific features of TradeStation and help you master the skills needed to tap into the power and flexibility of the TradeStation trading platform.
Class objectives:

  • Understand desktop components and personalize your platform
  • Switch between live trading and simulated trading environments
  • Create and manage windows, workspaces and desktops
  • Run macros using hot keys and toolbar buttons
  • Access Help and other educational resources
Class objectives:

  • Learn how to enter orders using the TradeStation order bar
  • Track and manage orders and positions
  • Understand and place OCO and OSO orders
  • Use activation rules and advanced order types
Class objectives:

  • Use single-click order entry in the Matrix
  • Enter orders from a Chart Analysis window
  • Create an order-entry dashboard with the Quick Trade Bar
  • Use Market Depth when placing orders
  • Use hot keys and toolbar buttons to place orders
Class objectives:

  • Understand the differences between time-, activity- and price-based charts
  • Change the style and appearance of Chart Analysis windows
  • Learn how to personalize chart scaling and other charting properties
  • Change symbols, bar interval and date range
Class objectives:

  • Draw on a chart using analytical and non-analytical drawing tools
  • Use analysis techniques such as Indicators, ShowMes and PaintBars
  • Format Analysis Techniques and enable alerts
  • Use multi-data analysis and percent change charts
  • Import custom and third-party analysis techniques
Class objectives:

  • Build a trading strategy using strategy components
  • Understand the strategy engine and calculation
  • Learn to back-test a strategy and evaluate its performance
  • Optimize a strategy and automate order execution
  • Use advanced tools such as the Walk-Forward Optimizer and Portfolio Maestro
Class objectives:

  • Insert and organize symbols and pages in RadarScreen
  • Understand the difference between Quotes and RadarScreen
  • Rank stocks in real time and monitor alerts using Analysis Techniques
  • Use different data intervals for indicator calculations
Class objectives:

  • Rank stocks and stock options using quick filters in the Hot Lists window
  • Use TradeStation sample scans in the Scanner
  • Build a custom scan using quote data, fundamental data and technical indicators
  • Schedule automatic scans and save results in a custom symbol list
Class objectives:

  • Learn to load an options chain for any asset and create spreads
  • Create and manage theoretical positions
  • Graph risk and reward using 2-D and 3-D graphs/li>
  • Trade options spreads and manage real positions
Class objectives:

  • Get news on specific markets and topics of interest
  • Track trades, bids and asks of any symbol in the Time & Sales window
  • Expand your research and analysis using the Research and Browser windows
  • Monitor quotes and market activity using the Ticker Bar
Class objectives:

  • Learn the benefits of using EasyLanguage in TradeStation
  • Use the TradeStation Development Environment
  • Access word definitions and examples in the EasyLanguage Dictionary
  • Use EasyLanguage to create a custom indicator, ShowMe, or strategy
Class objectives:

  • Tour the different educational offerings in
  • Join the TradeStation user community via wiki and discussion forums
  • Get help and account information from the Client Center
  • Connect with us through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube