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Learning Tradestation

Learning TradeStation is an online educational program designed to get you up and trading with TradeStation. The program consists of 8 lessons. Each lesson is designed to familiarize you with specific features of TradeStation and help you master the skills needed to tap into the power and flexibility of the TradeStation trading platform.
Class objectives:

  • Download and Installation
  • Live vs. Simulated Trading
  • Desktop Components and Apps Launcher
  • Windows, Workspaces and Desktops
  • Window Linking and Organization
  • Customize Toolbars
  • Backup and Restore Custom Work
  • Run Macros Using Hotkeys and Toolbar
Class objectives:

  • Place Orders in the Order Bar
  • Place Orders in the Matrix
  • Place OCO/OSO Orders
  • Place Orders using Chart Trading
  • Use Validations and Confirmations
  • Place Orders with Activation Rules
  • Monitor P/L Using Position Graph Bar
  • Monitor Order and Positions in TradeManager
Class objectives:

  • Edit Symbols, Timeframe and History
  • Understand Chart Types
  • Use Drawing Tools
  • Add Studies and Enable Alerts
  • Use Multi-Data Chart Analysis
  • Backtest Strategy Components
  • Understand Strategy Performance Report
Class objectives:

  • Add Symbols and Columns in RadarScreen
  • Add Studies and Enable Alerts in RadarScreen
  • Sort and Enable Notifications in RadarScreen
  • Filter Symbols Using Hot Lists
  • Use Sample Scans in the Scanner
  • Create Custom Scans in the Scanner
Class objectives:

  • Load and Filter Options Chains
  • Analyze and Graph Options Positions
  • Trade Options Spreads
  • Manage Real Positions
  • Use OptionStation Pro Search
Class objectives:

  • Explore the TradeStation Website
  • Explore the TradeStation University
  • Use TradeStation on the Go with Web Trading
  • Use TradeStation on the Go with Mobile Apps
Class objectives:

  • Use the Development Environment
  • Create a ShowMe
  • Create an Indicator
  • Find Functions Using the Dictionary
  • Create a Strategy
  • Modify Built-in Indicators
  • Create Studies for RadarScreen
Class objectives:

  • Access and Filter News
  • Tape Reading Using Time & Sales
  • Accessing the Internet Using Browser
  • Access Fundamental Data Using Research
  • Use the TradeStation Ticker Bar