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Learn how TradeStation’s powerful platform and mobile tools can take your trading to the next level with these weekly presentations that include the TradeStation platform, our web and mobile apps and OptionStation Pro.

Getting Started On-Demand Videos

Can’t make it to the Getting Started Live event? Watch our on-demand Getting Started with TradeStation videos to learn about the TradeStation platform, web and mobile apps and OptionStation Pro.

Learning TradeStation Videos

An online educational program designed to get you up and trading with TradeStation. The program consists of 12 lessons, each designed to familiarize you with specific features of TradeStation and help you master the skills needed to tap into the power and flexibility of the TradeStation trading platform.

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These special live events and courses are brought to you by TradeStation University. They are designed to help you learn more about what is possible with TradeStation and how TradeStation can help you become a better trader.

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Morning Market Briefing is a special pre-market online briefing presented each weekday morning from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. ET. Each briefing is hosted by one of our renowned guest contributors, each a well-known independent trader. Each guest contributor will offer his own technical analysis and outlook on markets for the upcoming trading day.

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View select archives of live webcast classes, courses and events. Archived offerings cover a wide range of topics, including essential TradeStation platform tools and functionality, market and strategy analysis, strategy trading concepts, special events and guest speakers.

Want to learn EasyLanguage®?

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This two-day intensive online course is based on our popular live presentation and offers you the convenience of learning EasyLanguage in the comfort of your home or office. Taught as a lecture course over two consecutive days (approximately five hours each day with breaks), this comprehensive course enables you to focus on basic EasyLanguage concepts and then build your skills by programming the examples at your own pace.

Register for the Implementing Objects in EasyLanguage Live Webinar

This two-day intensive online course is specifically designed for experienced EasyLanguage programmers who want to learn how to incorporate the new EasyLanguage object features released with TradeStation 9.0. It is highly recommended that you have strong knowledge of EasyLanguage before attending this course.

EasyLanguage Home Study Course Books

Get your copy of the EasyLanguage and EasyLanguage Objects Home Study Courses.