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How We Protect You

How TradeStation Protects You

We know that TradeStation customers need to be able to access their accounts safely and securely online from a variety of devices while at home, the office, or on the go. TradeStation uses secure technologies and other internal measures to ensure that every time you access your account, you can do so with confidence. Here are just a few ways in which we work to keep your account secure.

Account Protection

Account and Trade Monitoring

We leverage sophisticated tools and employ highly trained anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering specialists to continuously monitor our systems and customer accounts, aid in the detection of suspicious activities and ensure that we are able to respond quickly.

Customer Alerts

We will notify you whenever significant changes are made to your customer profile or your accounts, such as changes to your login credentials, contact information, account settings, and more.

Strict Privacy Policies

TradeStation Group, Inc. and its subsidiary companies are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about you. We will not share non-public information about you with third parties outside of our securities affiliate’s clearing firm(s) without your consent, or as is required to perform routine business operations, such as processing transactions, account maintenance, legal investigations, and credit bureau reporting. To learn more about how TradeStation protects your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

Encrypted Communications

Our secure websites and applications use a 256-bit data encryption (TLS/SSL) to protect your accounts while you access and manage them online.

Advanced Firewalls

We utilize advanced hardware and software firewalls to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to our systems and your personal information.

Login Security

Unique Usernames and Strong Encrypted Passwords

To aid in the prevention of unauthorized access, all customers are required to select a unique username and a strong password when you open your first account. Passwords are required to meet minimum strength requirements, including overall length and a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters.

Strong Customer Login Verification Online

Whenever you attempt to log in from a web browser on an unknown device, you will be asked to answer one of your enhanced security questions after successfully entering your username and password to further validate your identity.

Session Timeouts

Our websites and mobile trading applications include an integrated timeout feature. After a period of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out to ensure the safety of your account and personal information.

Login Attempt Limitations

To deter possible threats from cybercriminals by way of scripted or computer-based attacks, we limit the number of failed concurrent login attempts permitted for any single user or from any specific device.

Extended Secure Website Verification

Whenever you are asked to enter your TradeStation login credentials online, it is critical that you can easily verify that the website is owned and operated by TradeStation. To make this possible, we have deployed extended verification security certificates (EV SSL) to our websites. Simply look for the green security verification indicator in your web browser’s address bar. If you do not see the TradeStation Securities, Inc. or TradeStation Technologies, Inc. display, you should not enter your login credentials or any other information about your accounts.

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