Ready for Hassle-Free Crypto Trading?

At TradeStation Crypto, we are building a new standard for crypto trading. One account, one balance, with streamlined access to multiple liquidity venues.

And for a limited time, you can get 50% – 100% off commission, plus receive a $50 cash credit when you open and fund an account with as little as $250 using offer code 0035AFOR.*

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8 Key Considerations to Trading Crypto

Download the 8 Key Considerations to Trading Crypto to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to get started with crypto trading today.

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Why TradeStation Crypto?

TradeStation Crypto is your gateway to the crypto markets. Our combination of innovative pricing, access to multiple markets, and smart price execution offer crypto traders an all in one platform to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

Deep Liquidity

Our goal is to provide one of the deepest and widest liquidity pools in the crypto market. We strive to accomplish this by aggregating liquidity from multiple connected venues like exchanges, OTC desks, and other sources into a consolidated pool.

Market Data

Easily find the best prices displayed across our connected venues with our consolidated market data feed.

Access Across TradeStation

Because we are part of TradeStation Group, you can easily move between all the trading platforms offered by TradeStation companies.

Market Access

We aim to simplify access to the crypto markets by letting our brokerage customers use the buying power from a single account to access liquidity from all of our connected venues.

Smart Price Execution

With a single click, our order routing technology is designed to seek out the best price execution across our connected venues. Larger orders can be broken up into small chunks to improve execution quality.

Trusted, Familiar & Experienced Brand

As a TradeStation Group company, TradeStation Crypto leverages the group’s established governance and practices for data privacy, cybersecurity, and operational experience. The safety and security of our customers’ accounts and identities are of the utmost importance.